Delivering More Coverage Options for Health Care Practitioners

Posted on March 1, 2022

You expect lower premiums for your responsible clients, especially those with a loss free history.

Florida agent decided to shop around the policy for a longtime dentist client, particularly since the dentist had not reported a claim in 5 years.

After talking with the agent, Aspera’s broker learned about the dentist’s specific needs and developed a clear understanding of current business operations.

Aspera found a policy with the same limits (100,000/300,000), a lower deductible, and a better rate than the renewal policy

Aspera specializes in finding coverage for medical practitioners that are ineligible for the standard marketplace.

Our target classes include:

  • Group practitioners (all specialties)
  • Individual Cannabis Practitioners performing evaluations
  • Locum tenens/medical staffing
  • Non-standard chiropractors and podiatrists
  • Non-standard dentists (all specialties)
  • Non-standard mid-level providers
  • Non-standard physicians and surgeons (all specialties)
  • Pharmacies/Pharmacists Dispensing Medical Marijuana
  • Unsupported Excess