Broader Coverage Without Sublimits and Unparalleled Service

Posted on August 24, 2021

When unexpected summer storms impact your clients, Aspera is ready to help.

Last summer, a thunderstorm passed over a home, surprising a roofing company that was replacing a roof. The storm developed quickly and they had little time to finish tarping the roof before the rain began. Even though the appropriate steps had been taken to mitigate rain intrusion, there was still resulting water damage. Rain came through the exposed roof, causing $150,000 of damage. The company only had coverage for $50,000 due to an open roof sublimit.

Later in the year, when it was time for the roofer to renew its Commercial General Liability policy, the agent looked for broader coverage and a carrier who could offer coverage without any open roof sublimits.

Aspera found coverage for the roofer, responding to the agent’s submission with a quote within an hour. The roofing company had no lapse in coverage thanks to Aspera’s fast turnaround, tailored pricing and terms for difficult-to-insure commercial casualty risks.

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