Contractor’s Liability Coverage for Hard-to-Place Contracting and Distribution Risks

Posted on June 23, 2021

Aspera helped an agent find Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL) for a general contractor client who needed CPL to continue offering its electrical, general construction, roofing, and tile and marble work.

Our access to Environmental coverage can provide coverage for companies with products or operations that impact the environment.

Contractor’s Pollution Liability is available for both your environmental and non-environmental construction clients. 

A few weeks after we helped the agents with her general contractor client, we provided a quote to the same agent when she sent a submission for a swimming pool contractor that needed standalone CPL. 

Aspera can find CPL for distribution, as well as contracting risks, at minimums starting at $1,500 with no existing state or class restrictions (in states where Aspera operates).

Turn to Aspera for insurance solutions – including Contractor’s Pollution Liability – to your hard-to-place construction clients.