Coverage for Start-Up Fertilizer Company: Just in time to help the company grow

Posted on September 1, 2021

An agent never expected to have trouble finding coverage for her client that specializes in the fertilizer manufacturing and distribution. Even though the client was a new venture with $50,000 in annual sales, she didn’t think it was a hard-to-insure client. Carriers, though, were hesitant to offer coverage when they learned the fertilizer company’s customers were in the cannabis industry.

When Aspera received the submission, we were able to provide the general liability coverage the company needed.

Are you working with Tier II marijuana related businesses (MRB) – companies that provide products and services to marijuana growers, processors, and dispensers? Download our cannabis guide infographic, visit our website, and learn more about the coverage we offer cannabis businesses and see what we mean by everything from seed to sale!

As states begin to require site pollution coverage for marijuana related businesses (MRBs), Aspera can find coverage options for Tier I MRBs, including dispensaries and grow operations.

These are just a few examples of how Aspera is making the hard-to-insure, easy to please.