Gyms can be a Risky Business: Aspera can find General Liability Coverage

Posted on July 29, 2021

Gyms and fitness centers are filled with insurance risks – heavy equipment, bodies in motion, and slippery surfaces. Insurers factor in these high risk policies. However, there are times a business’ loss history makes a hard-to-insure risk even harder-to-place.

This was the case when a fitness center and spa was non-renewed after carbon monoxide poisoned a patron using the fitness center’s sauna. After several weeks of trying to find coverage for their client, the business’ agent was ecstatic to learn that a fitness center and spa was within Aspera’s appetite. 

Aspera obtained a quote for coverage even though the agency wasn’t appointed with us. Our fast response and competitive quote pleased both the agent and her client. The next day the agency began the appointment process and later that day, the appointment was complete and the policy was bound. 

Aspera delivers QUICK quotes, competitive compensation, and coverage solutions to make your hard-to-insure clients easy to please.