Expediting Quotes

Posted on June 7, 2018

Our team at Aspera is dedicated to providing your agency with quick quotes. Because time is of the essence, and often determines which agent and carrier is chosen by the insured, we strive for efficient service in order to provide our Commercial Casualty clients quotes in about an hour. To accomplish this, we request the following information when sending submissions to ci@asperains.com.

Three items necessary for quotes:

  1. ACORD Commercial Insurance Applications (125 and 126) – please include description of operations signed by the insured
  2. Supplemental Application
  3. Five Year of Loss Runs (if applicable)

In addition, in order to be competitive with pricing and terms, please include a summary of the insured’s operations in your email to ci@asperains.com including the following information:

  • Who is the incumbent retail agent?
  • What is the expiring premium?
  • What is the target premium?
  • Has the incumbent carrier offered a renewal quote yet?


For all underwriting questions relating to Commercial Casualty accounts, please contact:

Shea Hopkins, Division Manager
(804) 289 – 1359