We understand retail agents

Do you find it difficult to find coverage for hard-to-insure commercial businesses? Are you looking for faster responses to your submitted applications? Do you want a broker partner who places the same emphasis on customer service as you?

We know that your commercial insurance clients come from fast-paced and competitive industries. As an independent insurance agent, your ability to quickly place coverage for your clients depends upon customized underwriting solutions quoted consistently and accurately. That is why Aspera offers you specialized underwriting for hard-to-insure commercial product lines with exceptionally quick turnaround times. We respond to you the way you respond to your clients.

Experience the competitive advantage of working with Aspera

  • Fast quotes – we respond to your submissions within hours, not days
  • Responsive team – Our knowledgeable underwriters are experts in hard-to-insure businesses and won’t hesitate to respond to your questions or needs
  • High-quality coverage – Your clients will get the policies they need complete with competitive rates and consistent underwriting
  • Expanded appetite guide – We offer coverages on a growing list of high-risk commercial product lines
  • A broker partner – We work with you to deliver the service your clients expect

We get you quotes fast

Gone are the days of waiting indefinitely only to be denied coverage or offered non-competitive rates. Our team of knowledgeable underwriters will tailor solutions to meet your coverage needs and respond with quotes fast. Our underwriters are experts in higher-risk commercial classes. In most cases, we will get you a quote in hours instead of days and can process the binding and issuance of policies within 24 hours!

We make it easy

From start to finish, you will receive top-notch service from experienced underwriters working hard to get you the answers you need. Our submission process is smooth and simple and we are readily available for questions or concerns. We pride ourselves on making your ability to place coverage efficient and easy.

The word is out on Aspera

Independent insurance agents are hearing about us through word-of-mouth recommendations- and for good reason. We specialize in risk assessment and are experts in customized high-risk policies. Independent agents applaud our ability to respond to their needs with a prompt personal touch. Plus, our quick quoting will keep your policy placements moving.