Artisan Contractors

Posted on June 7, 2018

Aspera Insurance Services offers difficult-to-insure artisan contractors Commercial General Liability insurance. Artisan contractors such as air conditioning repair, electrical, framing, plumbing, roofing, and many other specialties who primarily work under contract for residential and commercial general contractors, often have a difficult time finding insurance due to the nature of and risks associated with their work.

Oftentimes, in order to get the job, an artisan contractor must have insurance before a general contractor will hire them. Aspera’s quick turnaround time for quotes and policy issuance can help artisan contractors obtain the insurance they need, to get the work they want.

Tailored policy terms includes coverage for lesser-known risks including:

  • Contractual Losses – This coverage responds to general contractors who face claims due to hired employees’ (e.g. subcontractor) lack of insurance (e.g. non-pay cancellation) and those subcontractors who are under-insured (e.g. low limits / exclusions).
  • Owners Contractors Protective – coverage for “bodily injury” and “property damage” for a subcontractors work when a claim is made against the general contractor for vicarious liability and/or negligent supervision (e.g. work site hazards).
  • Personal Injury – If your business advertises for services and another entity files a lawsuit claiming libel or copyright infringement, commercial general liability will respond to these claims unless otherwise excluded.

Contact a licensed insurance broker to learn more or obtain coverage today for artisan contractors, general contractors, or other commercial casualty insurance needs!