Owners, Lessors, and Tenants

Posted on June 7, 2018

Aspera Insurance Services, Inc. offers small businesses Commercial General Liability insurance for Owners, Lessors, and Tenants. A Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy protects insureds against liability claims for “bodily injury” and “property damage” arising from a variety of risks including premises, operations, and products. Because no two businesses are exactly alike, the policy responds to a wide-range of exposures from apartments, hotel, motels, office buildings, strip malls, vacant land and vacant buildings.

Owners, Lessors, and Tenants (OL&T) refers to the relationship of who is responsible when a claim arises. In some cases, the tenant may be responsible for a fall if it occurs within their area in the building they rent, as opposed to the owner or lessor, if a fall occurred in the parking lot outside the building or any common areas within the building such as bathrooms, elevators, and hallways.

Did you know the most common CGL claim is slip/trip & fall?

  • Parking Lots – Many falls are related to dimly lit or unlit parking lots, pot holes,
  • Sidewalks – Uneven and cracked sidewalks, and depending on the season, icy or wet sidewalks can easily lead to a claim against the owner and/or lessor of a
  • Wet Floors – any business with a higher risk of wet floors, such as a grocery store, gym, or pet store, may see an increase in claims due to this exposure.

OL&T coverage includes lesser-known risks, such as:

  • Food Allergies & Injuries – Restaurants may face claims when someone bites into their food and breaks a tooth, chokes, or has an allergic reaction to an ingredient or product. Another common claim is related to food poisoning, which can lead to temporary injuries, permanent injuries, such as kidney failure, and even death.
  • Injuries Related to Fire – Dwellings, such as apartments, have an increased risk of fire from cooking, electrical malfunctions, heating units, open flames (candles), and smoking. Coverage would respond to injuries related to fire such as smoke inhalation, burns, and death.
  • Shootings* – Vacant land is sometimes used by hunt clubs (for hunting by the neighboring community) while the owner of the land may be unaware and/or hours away. While you can’t always guarantee the safety of anyone trespassing on your property, you may find yourself with a claim if someone shoots another person on your land intentionally or by accident.

*Unless otherwise excluded, this coverage may be included or may be endorsed on the policy.

The information available in this article is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice or confirmation of coverage.