Q. What is Aspera?

Aspera acts as an underwriting manager and offers solutions for coastal manufactured housing and hard-to-insure commercial risks.

Q. Where do you offer coverage?

Aspera offers Commercial Lines coverage in the following states:

Aspera offers Personal Lines coverage in the following states:

Q. What is your appetite?

Q. How do I get appointed with Aspera?

1. Visit www.asperains.com/become-appointed

2. Complete and submit a producer questionnaire, and we’ll deliver a producer agreement within 24 hours.

3. Review, sign, and return the agreement, along with your insurance licenses, E&O, and W9.

4. Get ready to make your hard-to-insure clients happy!

Q. Do I need to be appointed to submit business?

Aspera will work on your commercial account without an appointment, but we cannot issue any quotes until you are appointed. Our process is quick; send us an account, start the appointment process, and receive a quote by the end of the day!

Q. How do I submit business to Aspera?

For your commercial clients, email application documents to ci@asperains.com. We accept any ACORD app and offer common supplemental apps on our Resources page.

For coastal manufactured home clients, we use an online quoting portal.

Q. Who will I work with to quote and bind policies?

Within a day after you complete the appointment, we will introduce you to our expert team, who will provide your quotes and answer any questions.

Q. How responsive is your underwriting team?

In a word – very! We typically respond to commercial inquiries within 48 hours, and our underwriters working on your coastal manufactured home policies will respond within 3 hours!

Q. How do my clients pay their premiums?

For Personal Line accounts, we use an insured bill system called AsperaPay. We will email invoices directly to your clients after the policy is bound, giving them the flexibility to pay online or by mail via credit card, check, or bank account, and we automatically send you your monthly commission.

For Commercial Lines, Aspera is agency bill. We send two documents when payment is due – the Policyholder Document (BRC) and an invoice. You pay the net amount from the invoice, which represents the gross amount less your commission.

Q. What if I need help?

You can contact anyone on the appropriate team, personal or commercial.

We are committed to responding to our agents quickly – remember Aspera is located in Virginia, and we operate within the Eastern time zone.

Q. How do my clients submit a claim?

Our Claims page details procedures to submit a claim.