How do I pay?

You don’t. We will email invoices directly to your clients after the policy is bound.

Agencies have the option to make payments on your clients behalf. If you set up your agency for ACH, you must request the ACH form from There is not an option to complete the ACH form online for security purposes.

How do I pay for commercial business?

We will use AsperaPay for personal lines accounts only. We will continue our agency bill method for commercial business.

How do my clients pay?

Your clients can pay via credit card, check, or bank draft. They will need to pay the full amount. AsperaPay does not accept partial payments.

If your clients pay by mail, they will need to mail payments to the Input1 billing address listed on the invoice. If payments are sent to the incorrect address, including Aspera’s lock box, we may issue an NOC, if processing a mailed payment is delayed.

How often will I get paid commission?

We will send commission checks to agencies each month.

Is the renewal process the same?

There are a few changes: 

We will send you an informational invoice with each renewal quote 60 days before the renewal date. Review the renewal quote with the client, obtain approval to bind, and bind the policy as usual. 

We will email you and your clients an invoice 2 business days after binding the renewal.  

Payment is due 30 days after binding; the due date may be later, depending on length of time between effective date and date coverage is bound. 

What if my client changes their mind and wants coverage from another carrier?

The client is responsible for the minimum earned premium if they choose to take coverage elsewhere after confirming they want to bind the Kinsale policy. 

How will you bill my clients?

The client will receive an email from around 2 business days after binding with the invoice and payment instructions.

When are payments due?

Payments are due a minimum 30 days after coverage is bound 

We will email the invoices to you and your clients about 2 business days after the policy is bound. 

What if my client pays through a mortgage or premium finance company?

We will not send invoices to mortgage or premium finance companies. You or your client can forward the invoice to the company paying the premium. Make sure the paying company knows where to send payments.

Is a payment plan available?

No, we still require full payment. AsperaPay is unable to accept partial payments

Can clients use premium financing?

Yes. Contact gotoPremiumFinance directly (, 888-875-4000 x8102, or to learn more. Agents should include that they were referred to gotoPremiumFinance by Aspera in their message.

We will no longer be providing a premium financing agreement with quotes.

What else is different?

We will not attach IPFS agreements to policies.

Where should I make payment for a premium bearing endorsement on a policy bound before you launched AsperaPay?

We will bill the agency for any premium-bearing endorsement on a policy bound prior to launching AsperaPay. We will accept payments for these endorsements through the legacy pay portal ( until that policy renews. Our underwriting team will send reminder with the endorsement approval email to pay through the legacy portal.

Is there anything else I should know?

We will no longer post payment information or statements on our accounting portal (

Policies will show up in PBS – the new billing portal ( – the day after the policy is bound.

Endorsements that are made after a policy is bound – even if both the endorsement and policy is bound on the same day – may appear the day after the policy is viewable.

Payment Portal
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