Introducing Aspera’s New Select Policy for Manufactured Homes

Posted on December 2, 2021

When your clients are looking to save money on an insurance policy through Aspera for their older manufactured homes, Aspera has a great, new solution the Select policy!

Our exclusive insurer partnership provides Aspera with a new Select policy, offering reliable Coverage A for manufactured homes including wind and hail, with actual cash value (ACV) pay out.

Select policy discounts are based on the age of the home: the older the home, the greater the discount.

Your clients now have even more options to insure their coastal manufactured homes through Aspera, including: Select, Preferred, or Wind and Hail policies.

Aspera specializes in providing insurance solutions for factory-built homes along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. We can offer affordable rates, no coastal limitations within our open markets, and broad coverage.

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