Now is the Time to Prepare for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Posted on January 25, 2022

A Washington Post article, “The sixth straight busier-than-normal Atlantic hurricane season is over,” reiterates the importance of home insurance for your clients located along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

The season’s 21 named storms, which used all the names on the National Hurricane Center’s list, are the third most on record. As has been the case over recent years, 2021 was an above-average year, in terms of number of storms. While the official hurricane season occurs between June 1 and November 30, the highest concentration of storms occur in August and September.

Damage from 2021’s 21 named storms could top $70 billion, making it the fourth most costly year on record. Hurricane Ida was 2021’s most destructive storm.

Hurricane Ida was nearly a Category 5 hurricane as it made landfall south of New Orleans and knocked out power to the city with wind gusts of 90 mph.

Ida moved through the Southeast U.S. to the Appalachians, creating tornadoes in its wake. Ida eventually made its way to New England states and flooded several major Northeastern cities.

While we are several months from the start of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season, it’s never too early to secure coverage for your clientsAspera has a variety of policy options for your manufactured home clients, including Preferred, Wind & Hail, and our new Select policy. 

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