UAS/Drone Operators

Aspera offers Drone Operators Liability coverage, including UAS General Liability and UAS General Liability with Air Operations coverages!

Our Aviation team can consider your UAS operation-only risks as well as Casualty accounts with ancillary UAS operator exposures.

Target Classes

  • Aerial photography and videography services
  • Real estate
  • Contractors/roofers
  • Claims adjusting and inspection services
  • Private security
  • Agricultural use/crop dusting
  • Mapping/Surveying
  • Delivery services
  • UAS/drone pilot training schools

Minimum Premium: $5,000 – $1M/$2M

Policy Structure

Policies are written through a non-admitted carrier with a Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

  • For UAS/Drone specific operations:
    • UAS/Drone General Liability; or
    • UAS/Drone Liability with Air Operations Coverage (Air Operations available for operators with UAS under 55 pounds take-off weight only)
  • For operations with UAS exposures that are not a majority of operations, a Drone Liability Endorsement is available to add to our General
    Liability policies with limits in addition to the attaching policy (non-stacking)

Available Coverage Enhancements

  • Additional insured, waiver of subrogation, and primary and non-contributory endorsements
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Endorsement

Submission Requirements

  • Signed and dated UAS/Drone Operators supplemental application
  • Five-year currently-valued company loss runs
  • Copies of the following:
    • FAA licenses and endorsements held by all operators flying for insured
    • Any FAA authorizations or waivers held by insured, including any amendments or special certificates of waiver
    • Any FAA or NTSB reports involving insured’s operations
    • Operational manual or standard
    • Operating procedures
  • Website information or brochure