Broad Coverage + No Coastal Limitations: That is the Aspera Advantage

Posted on June 29, 2021

Imagine, through no fault of their own, your customers’ homeowners policy was not renewed.

Even if your customers had no recent claim activity, their policies were not renewed.

Even if no recent storm activity impacted your customers community, their policies were not renewed.

Just because your customers happened to live in a particular area, their homeowners policies were not renewed.

This won’t happen when you work with Aspera – because the coastal market is our target market.

Aspera specializes in tailored insurance coverage for factory-built coastal homes. We find coverage with no coastal limitation within our open markets, plus broad coverage policies include wind and hail and replacement cost.

Your customers rely on you to protect their most important investment – their homes. You can also offer them protection from carriers that won’t renew policies.

Learn more about insurance for manufactured housing through Aspera. We present affordable ratesno coastal limitations, and broad coverage, including wind and hail.

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