No Coastal Limitations with Broad Coverage and Competitive Rates

Posted on September 14, 2021

A homeowner recently moved closer to the coast after years of living in the city. They were glad they could stay with the same insurance agent and carrier they had used for years.

The homeowners were shocked to see their premium had doubled. The agent explained their claim history and new home’s coastal location were reasons for the price increase. When the homeowners asked if they had any other options, their agent requested a quote from Aspera.

Aspera specializes in tailored insurance coverage for factory-built homes along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, with no coastal limitation. Our broad coverage policies include wind and hail.

We were able to offer the insured savings compared to their original quote, even considering their claim history and location along the coast.

Learn more about insurance for coastal manufactured housing from Aspera. We can offer no coastal limitations within our service area, and broad coverage, including wind and hail.

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