5 Things to Review Before You Renew

Posted on June 7, 2018

In less than six months, anything can change in a homeowner’s life from mortgages, trusts, additional insureds, property sold and new property purchased. Peak renewal season can also be stressful on agents, and some policies can be overly time-consuming when there is a lot of back-and-forth in order to renew Manufactured Housing policies. Our team at Aspera has compiled a short list of items sometimes forgotten before requesting the renewal that we would like to share:

Four Items to Review Before You Renew:

  1. Updates and Add-ons to the home – Photos and receipts are required.
  2. Outstanding Claims – Confirmation the claim has been resolved including photos of the repair(s).
  3. Diligent Effort / Surplus Lines Form – Different States may require the insured’s signature. If your state does not require the insured’s signature, don’t forget to send the diligence effort form once full payment is collected.
  4. Payment in full must be collected by the agent for the renewal premium. All of our premium is agency-billed; make sure the payment is made payable to the correct company to avoid delays.

The best compliment the insured can give you is a referral! When finalizing the renewal process, take a moment to thank your insured and inquire if they have any family or friends who also own a manufactured home along the coast. Word of mouth is the strongest and most effective marketing tool your agency has to offer. Renewals are a great way to reconnect and grow your business!