The right choice for commercial agents in Mississippi

Aspera has access to personal and commercial insurance in Mississippi for your clients. We specialize in hard-to-insure classes and can provide you with customized underwriting solutions for coastal manufactured housing and a growing list of commercial product lines, from general casualty and professional liability to aviation and manufacturing risks.

Count on Aspera to accelerate your business, with:

  • Quick responses and quotes, whether in minutes from our manufactured housing portal or in hours, not days, from our commercial team
  • Responsive team of experts in hard-to-insure products
  • High-quality, personal service for every account

Our knowledgeable underwriters are experts in higher-risk coastal manufactured housing and commercial classes and understand retail agents. We will get back to you with exceptionally quick turnaround times making it easy for you to provide top-notch service to your clients.

All Aspera policies are written through a non-admitted carrier with an assigned financial strength rating of A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Get the right insurance coverage for Mississippi

At Aspera, we understand the unique challenges of providing personal and commercial insurance in Mississippi. Our underwriting team has worked with agents serving the aviation industry, residential and commercial contractors, firearms businesses, coastal manufactured housing, and more.

Let us meet your needs for hard-to-insure risks, including:

  • Aviation — Aspera has success working with a number of clients who need special aviation coverage, whether it is for an aviation-only risk or partial aviation exposure. Aspera can supplement existing policies with commercial general liability designed specifically for small-to-midsized businesses involved in aviation. Our team is experienced in underwriting these risks and understands the special issues associated with this industry.
  • Residential and Commercial Construction — Aspera can access property and casualty coverage for general contractors and artisan trade contractors, including those working in new residential construction. Our team specializes in creatively finding solutions for hard-to-place contractors that may have a poor loss history, harsh exposures, or other difficult risk characteristics.
  • Food, Textile, and Other Manufacturing and Distribution — Aspera offers General Liability policies, including Product Liability coverages. We can also customize insurance to fit your manufacturing and distribution needs.
  • Steel Fabrication and Metalworking — Aspera offers General Liability and Products Liability coverage to support the construction industry and importers, distributors and manufacturers of consumer, commercial, and industrial products.
  • Firearm Products, Retail Gun Shops, and Gun Shows — Aspera can tailor insurance coverage for the manufacturers of firearm products, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. We also write coverage for retail gun shops, gun shows, hunting clubs, and shooting ranges. Our team is experienced in underwriting these risks, and understands the special legal issues associated with firearms.
  • Coastal Manufactured HousingAspera has a variety of solutions available for your clients who own manufactured homes, including coverage for wind, hail, and all other perils. We offer Preferred, Select, and Wind/Hail Only policies that offer different coverages for your clients’ dwellings, other structures, and personal property and have several add-ons available to fit each account’s needs.

Experience the benefits of working with Aspera

At Aspera, we understand how challenging it can be to provide coverage for high-risk homes and businesses. That’s why our underwriting teams work hard to find solutions you need quickly. We not only access high-quality home and commercial coverage at competitive rates, but we make it simple for you to work with us.

Our expert underwriters are committed to finding you accurate and consistent quotes, tailoring coverages to meet client needs, and replying to questions that arise with personal and prompt service. We pride ourselves on making it easier for you to place hard-to-insure coverage.

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For more information on the types of accounts within our appetite, contact Kyle Flynn, Division Manager, Commercial Lines, or Heather Mawn, Division Manager, Personal Lines. Reach out to Steven Yavorsky, Marketing Leader, to begin the agency appointment process.