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There’s no need to struggle with hard-to-insure commercial risks. Aspera can help you find the right commercial insurance in Texas for high-risk businesses in hundreds of eligible classes. In fact, we can customize coverage for everything from general casualty and professional liability to energy and environmental risks.

Count on Aspera to accelerate your business, with:

  • Quick responses and quotes, often within 24 hours
  • Responsive team of experts in hard-to-insure products
  • High-quality, personal service for every account

All Aspera policies are written through a non-admitted carrier with an assigned financial strength rating of A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Get the right insurance coverage for Texas

At Aspera, we understand the unique challenges of providing personal and commercial insurance in Texas. Our underwriting team has worked with agents serving the oil and gas industry, alternative energy companies, residential and commercial construction contractors, firearms businesses, coastal manufactured homes, and more.

Let us meet your needs for hard-to-insure risks, including:

  • Oil and Gas (Onshore/Offshore)—Aspera offers customized insurance coverage for the specific risks of oil and gas companies. We can help you place Commercial General Liability, Excess Liability, Professional Liability, and Management Liability coverage for onshore/offshore risks. We cover exploration, production, and refining; manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and service contractors; pipelines and pipeline terminals; transmission, distribution, and storage; and more.
  • Alternative Energy—Aspera provides coverage for all types of alternative energy companies, including solar and wind contractors and manufacturers, as well as biomass, biofuels, and hydroelectric firms. Our team specializes in creatively underwriting this rapid growing sector with its technical losses, legal exposures, and/or other difficult risk characteristics.
  • Residential and Commercial Construction—Aspera writes property and casualty coverage for general contractors and artisan trade contractors, including those working in new residential construction. Our team specializes in creatively underwriting hard-to-place contractors that may have a poor loss history, tough exposures, and/or other difficult risk characteristics.
  • Firearm Products, Retail Gun Shops, and Gun Shows—Aspera can tailor insurance coverage for the manufacturers of firearm products, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. We also write coverage for retail gun shops, gun shows, hunting clubs, and shooting ranges. Our team is experienced in underwriting these risks, and understands the special legal issues associated with firearms.
  • Vacant Land—Aspera provides coverage for the owners of vacant land and/or buildings in Texas. We particularly target risks that have been non-renewed, have a poor loss history, or have special OL&T/premises-related exposures.
  • Coastal Manufactured Housing—Aspera has full coverage products available (wind/hail and all other perils) for your clients who own manufactured homes

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