Updated Claims Process

Posted on October 8, 2020

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season is significantly impacting parts of the Gulf Coast. This storm season has increased claim activity, and we anticipate additional storms this season, which will bring additional claim filings.

In order to better serve  our policyholders Kinsale’s Claims departments has updated the manner it processes claims.

The Claims Process

  • All claims should be reported by the insured – by calling Kinsale at (804) 289-1394.
  • Kinsale contracts with a third-party administrator (TPA) to handle the processing of CAT claims. The Kinsale claims number (804-289-1394) will connect the insured to the TPA. The insured will need to provide a contact name, phone number, policy number, and nature of the claim.
  • A representative of the TPA will contact the insured both to set up a date and time for an inspection of the property and provide the insured the contact information for the field adjuster.
    Please ensure that your customers record and retain the contact information for both the TPA and the field adjuster.
  • After the inspection, the field adjuster will submit an inspection report and preliminary loss amount back to the TPA.
  • A representative of the TPA will contact the insured to review coverage, inspection findings, and payment information.

Due to the volume of claims from recent and anticipated storms, the TPA will manage all aspects of storm-related claims. Kinsale is confident the TPA will handle claims in a manner consistent with Kinsale’s customer service standards.

Kinsale implemented this new process in response to the volume of claims that exceeded the level where their in-house claims staff could manage according to their customer service standards. 

Many agents have contacted Aspera with concerns about the handling of claims from the 2020 Hurricane Season; Kinsale designed the new work flow based on your feedback.

Please keep in mind:

  • When your clients need an update on a claim, the TPA and the assigned field adjuster have the most up-to-date claim information. Please encourage your customers to retain contact information given to them by the TPA.
  • Field adjusters working in the path of Hurricane Delta have been instructed to evacuate to a safer location. The evacuation orders may impact both the processing of current claims and the ability of adjusters to re-enter the area after Hurricane Delta passes through.

We recognize that many of your customers are dealing with uncertainty and anxiety in the wake of this year’s storms. Please recognize we are doing all we can to process all claims as efficiently as possible.