Aspera’s Access to Cannabis Insurance Solutions (Video)

Posted on April 20, 2022

The cannabis industry continues to grow and develop in new and unique ways, as legislation changes and demand increases. The changes and developments can make it difficult to know what might be classified as a marijuana-related business (MRB) and therefore will require cannabis-specific insurance coverage.


Growers, processors, and dispensaries are easy to identify as MRBs. These businesses are considered Tier I MRBs, which are businesses that actively touch the cannabis product.

Uncertainty arises with Tier II MRBs, ancillary businesses that support the cannabis industry, as well as other industries.

For example, it can be unclear, however, whether a carrier will classify an accounting firm preparing taxes for a grower as an MRB…

Or the doctor performing medical marijuana evaluations

Or the company manufacturing processing equipment.

It can be hard to know exactly where a business stands in the wide range of the cannabis industry, and it’s impossible to predict how legislation might change the landscape of the industry, even in a very short time. You need a broker with access to insurance for a broad range of cannabis-related exposures to cover all your bases.

Our new Cannabis video shares our appetite for your hard-to-insure cannabis accounts: everything from seed to sale.

Aspera specializes in your hard-to-insure small and mid-sized clients, including business Tier I and II MRBs.

We offer:

  • Quick Quotes – within 48 hours, 75% of the time
  • Tailored Pricing and Terms
  • Competitive Compensation – appointed agents earn 12.5% commission

You can use our cannabis infographic, video, and website to learn more about the coverage we find for cannabis businesses and see what we mean by everything from seed to sale!

Aspera makes the hard-to-insure, easy to please.